On the Issues

Maryland Needs ‘Common Sense’ Conservatism

Republicans are outnumbered in the General Assembly, 2 to 1.

As a Delegate, I have witnessed firsthand how Howard and Carroll County families are over-taxed and under-employed. I endeavor to propose tax breaks and smaller, more fiscally-conscious state budgets, while strongly endorsing a crucial “Check and Balance” system to relieve the Democratic stranglehold in Annapolis.

Together, we can return a pro-business climate to the state of Maryland.

Job Creation

I continue to place the utmost priority on job creation. We must prevent State Government from interfering with business and allow employers to grow their companies and hire additional employees.

I have been endorsed by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce for my unwavering pro-business record, and remain one of the highest rated pro-business Delegates by the Maryland Business for Responsive Government. MBRG rates legislators’ voting record based on a number of legislative initiatives, which aim to create jobs and improve Maryland’s business climate.


Howard and Carroll Counties’ transportation needs continue to expand with the population. Over the years, I have successfully advocated for critical improvements on Maryland Route 32, south of I-70, as well as the implementation of traffic lights on Route 29 at I-70 as well as Rt. 103 at New Cut Road. I will continue to pursue safety improvements on Route 32 north of I-70, and the expansion of I-70, east of Route 40, to the Baltimore County line.

I will also pursue highway revenue to maintain the streets of Sykesville. Sykesville’s Main Street – a state road – continues to be maintained by the town itself. Additionally, I am working closely with the Mayor of Sykesville on the Warfield Complex – a mixed-use redevelopment project on the grounds of the former Springfield Hospital Center.



Taxation at both state and county levels has grown to outrageous levels, and our State Government continues to spend more with each passing year. I have previously introduced or co-sponsored bills intended to reduce spending and get taxation under control. Twice, I have introduced a bill in the local delegation calling for a reduction of Maryland’s piggyback tax.

Additionally, as a signatory of the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge (www.atr.org), I guarantee that I will not vote for any tax increase.


On the heels of The Comprehensive Crime Act of 2018, passed by the Maryland Senate in March, I stand for stronger penalties and increased mandatory minimum sentences for repeat offenders. We must also facilitate an empowered police force in the interest of preventing senseless and tragic acts of violence in our cities, and strive to keep violent criminals off of our streets.


Spending has doubled since I was appointed to the House in 2003, and the State continues to spend money that does not exist. Howard and Carroll County residents should not be placed on the hook for the increasingly wasteful spending habits of State Leaders who knowingly cannot afford the budgets they pass.


Trust and transparency are tantamount to the safety of our schools and students; lessons learned as part of a protracted battle between the Delegation, the School Board, and former Superintendent Renee Foose in regards to complaints concerning maintenance, mold, and a refusal to turn over public records. Spurred by these concerns, I proposed legislation requiring the state public information ombudsman to investigate refusals of Maryland Public Information Act Requests. House Bill 1105 was passed by the Maryland Senate in 2016.

Additionally, I believe it is integral that our tax dollars make it into the classroom to provide the opportunities our students need to thrive.